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Mastering is the final stage in the recording process.

The stereo mixes are optimized and enhanced to sound as good as possible. The volume of the recordings may be increased, the final song sequence is set and production master is created.

While most modern recording and mix studios can create production masters, there are several important reasons to use a specialist audio mastering studio:

• Mastering studios typically have very accurate, full-range monitoring systems. The best way to ensure that your
recordings will translate accurately to a wide variety of playback systems is to ensure that final work is done in a
studio that has the most accurate listening environment. The additional advantage is that flaws that may have not
shown up in the mix speakers will become apparent in the mastering studio and can be corrected.

• The processing equipment in mastering studios is highly specialized and can transform stereo mixes in ways that
the tools available in recording studios simply cannot. Different tools also have the potential to bring new tone
colors to the recordings, enhancing what was achieved in the recording and mixing process.

• Mastering is the opportunity for a fresh set of ears on the project. After weeks or months on a project the artists and
engineers involved may be having a hard time being objective about the mixes. The mastering engineer will be able
to hear the project from a fresh perspective, identify any potential problems or opportunities for enhancement and,
working rapidly, will be able to make adjustments before he or she loses objectivity through familiarity with the

• Finally, an engineer who specializes in mastering will bring a depth of experience to the final stages of a recording
project that comes from having worked on hundreds or thousands of projects. This is the reason that the biggest
artists, working in the finest studios with the best recording engineers, don't release their projects without first
taking them to a mastering specialist who they know and trust.

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